Officers & Committees

The Cleveland Chapter Operating Procedures document (PDF) is attached at the bottom of this page for download, as is a form (PDF) to be used by Chapter Officers and committees to submit expenses for reimbursement.

Chapter Leadership 2021-2022

Dean – Carol Neff
Sub-Dean – Don VerKuilen
Secretary – Dale Hukill
Treasurer – Donald Jackson

Executive Committee

Term Expires 2022
Leslie Adams
Jan Jones
Jimmy Madsen

Term Expires 2022
Zachary Bennett
Charlotte Beers Plank
Ronald Potter

Term Expires 2023
Stephanie Price
David Debick
Ben Malkevitch

Standing Committees

AGO Exams –
Member Recruitment – James Leek
Placement – Gerry Mass
Professional Concerns –
Program –
Registrar – Fern Jennings
Scholarship – Carol Neff
Webmaster – Ben Malkevitch
Weekly Update & Newsletter Editor – Bob Soeder

AGO Reimbursement Request

AGO Cleveland Operating Procedures 2016