Officers & Committees

The Cleveland Chapter Operating Procedures document (PDF) is attached at the bottom of this page for download, as is a form (PDF) to be used by Chapter Officers and committees to submit expenses for reimbursement.

Chapter Leadership 2018-19
Dean – Timothy Robson
Sub-Dean – Brian Wentzel
Secretary – Fern Jennings
Treasurer – Donald Jackson

Executive Committee

Term Expires 2019
Jason Lorenzon
Leah Hottel Templeton
Bobby Sullivan

Term Expires 2020
Eugene Blackstone
David Kazimir
Bob Soeder

Term Expires 2021
Robert Day
Carmen Massaro
Don Verkuilen

Standing Committees

AGO Exams – Ginny Roedig
Member Care – Hildred Tornberg
Member Recuritment – James Leek
Placement – Gerry Mass
Professional Concerns – Clifford Hill
Program – Rick Nelson
Registrar – Paul Guyer
Scholarship – Carol Neff
TAO Reporter – Barbara MacGregor
Webmaster – Paul Guyer
Weekly Update & Newsletter Editor – Timothy Robson


AGO Cleveland Operating Procedures 2016